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Family gives thanks for saving their Christmas


The holiday was here, with all the hustle and bustle and good cheer.

Right! Where was that? Have people forgotten? Where did the fun of Christmas go? My husband was laid off at Thanksgiving and we were done.

I am a very big Christmas freak and could not imagine how to save this for my family. Then I stopped. We had a house, electric, and food. The tree was up and so were a dozen lights outside (painfully for my husband) burning bright. My family is alive and well.

The only real stress was gifts. Should that ruin Christmas? I cried, my husband and I fought and I just simply said “I can’t wait till Christmas is over.”

But the miracle of Buckeye Lake happened. Many people that I didn’t know and didn’t know me came to my rescue. I didn’t know the “honor” of these sweet Santa “Claus helpers. My son had one of his best Christmas’ thanks to them. Is Christmas lost? Not in Buckeye Lake! Thank you and all involved. I don’t know if the spirit would have made it through this year without you. We thank you.

A special thanks to Marge, Hebron Elementary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, LEADS, and Jobs and Family Service in Newark. Kelly in the call center was the best, and K. Stigger in Work Force provided one of the most memorable holiday memories we have.

And to our neighbor and her daughter, a very special thanks. You’ve taken care of us since we moved here last summer. We thank you Buckeye Lake.

Katrina, Jeff and Jamey Sims Buckeye Lake

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