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Fairfield Beach neighbors thanked


On Sunday evening, June 2, our beautiful German Shepherd escaped from our yard and was hit by a vehicle in front of our house. We rushed to his aid only to see our traumatized pet limp off into a large wooded area.

Our wonderful Fairfield Beach community immediately responded. They went in all different directions, helping us search over a wide area. It was overwhelming to so many of neighbors, friends and residents we did not even know all of sudden come together to help us.

Many thanks to each of you! Your kindness and support will never be forgotten.

We finally located our injured shepherd about midnight and quickly rushed him to PetPlex Animal Hospital where our caring vet was waiting to examine our dog. He is now at home resting, bjt very sore from his near-death encounter.

Thank you Fairfield Beach. We love our little community and its great people.

Stacey & Megan Baumgardner
Fairfield Beach

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