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Facts don’t support Dupler’s complaint


I’m responding to the letter from Walnut Township Trustee Sonny Dupler in the Sept. 14 Beacon. He claimed that Trustee Terry Horn violated the law and put the township at risk by driving a township truck in the Sweet Corn Festival parade.

Dupler claimed that Ohio law says no unauthorized drivers or passengers may drive or ride in township vehicles, but failed to cite a specific law. There is NO such law which was confirmed by a representative of the county prosecutor’s office.

Dupler also wrote that there are only two seat belts in the township truck and there were three persons riding in the truck. Numerous units in the parade weren’t using seat belts at little risk since vehicles were moving at less than 5 mph. People were riding on the top of vehicles and many others were standing or sitting on chairs on the many floats.

Dupler also claimed that Horn violated the township’s no hauling rule. At present, trustees have not adopted a no nonemployee rider rule or policy for township vehicles. Even though there is not a rule or policy in place, Mr. Horn signed a waiver releasing the township from any liability for the riders.

Allen Turnbull
Walnut Township Resident

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