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Factor responds to critics


I am writing in response to Terri and Kevin Moore’s letter in the October 19th Beacon.

My only interaction with the Moores was several years ago while serving as township zoning inspector. The Moores wanted to do a project at their home and I was forced to deny their permit since it didn’t meet the township’s zoning rules.These rules were written by the Township Zoning Commission and ultimately approved by the trustees. The Moores were angry and felt that the rules should not apply to them due to them having a small lot. All I was doing was treating them the same as everyone else in the township.

I do find it quite disturbing that the Moores feel that it is their civic duty to write a letter endorsing a candidate and criticizing another but yet according to the Perry County Auditors website they do not feel it is their civic duty to pay their taxes. Maybe they feel those rules shouldn’t apply to them either.

I am an honest, ethical, straightforward, no nonsense person. If these attributes are not important to you then by all means use the Moores’ voting advice. If you believe these are important qualities for your township trustees then vote for Dale Factor on November 5th.

Dale Factor
Thorn Township Trustee

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