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Extra day for Hebron students changes bus routes

HEBRON – Getting to school may be a little confusing for Hebron Elementary students June 2, which is a Hebron only make-up day.

Lakewood Superintendent Jay Gault said during the May 13 Lakewood Board of Education meeting that only 11 school buses will run district wide instead of the usual 26 on Tuesday, June 2. These buses will only pick up kindergarten through second grade students and will cover more area on much larger routes.

Gault said that usually Hebron students from the east side of the district go to the intermediate school and board a shuttle bus to Hebron. On June 2, all buses will go directly to Hebron.

In other school board news:

• Arnie Ettenhofer, director of pupil services, said the hot water tank was removed with some difficulty from the high school utility room. The Kel-Par Company, Inc. is installing a new system for $45,000, which Gault said was the lowest bid. He said boiler inspectors red tagged the domestic hot water boiler, shutting it down.

• The district applied for a $100,000 security equipment grant that the Licking County Sheriff’s Department sponsors. Board members won’t know if the district will receive the grant until June. Gault said the district’s share would be about $40,000.

“This would allow us to install a camera system inside and outside of all buildings in the district as well as keyless entries,” said Gault. Key cards would operate the doors.

Gault said the district has had some recent vandalism incidents which in the future the camera system could prevent or at least identify the perpetrators. His biggest concern is people entering a school building without authorization.

Board member Forrest Cooperrider said he wonders if the buildings are as secure as they could be.

“It would be a good thing for us to have,” said board member Judy White.

• Gault said the district would not accept three tracts of land offered to the district. The three sites are in Buckeye Lake, Avondale, and Edgewater Beach. The properties contain foreclosed homes that aren’t selling. “We’ve spoken to an attorney that advised us to look at the property,” said Gault. “We have done so and will not be taking these properties.” He said although the district is exempt from paying property taxes on the tracts, it would still need to accept the properties’ liabilities. “It’s not something that would be in the best interest of the district,” said Gault.

• Board members wondered if there’s any way for the district to help volunteers pay for the mandatory fingerprint scans. District policy requires BCI and FBI background checks for volunteers who may be in charge of students and unsupervised. Background checks are not required for volunteers under teachers’ supervision in classrooms. The background checks cost about $50.

White said she’s concerned the parent/teacher organizations’ pool of volunteers will dry up because the volunteers won’t be willing to pay for the background checks. The organizations aren’t asking the district to pay for them. They’re just looking for options.

Gault said the district could accept a background check conducted somewhere else if it’s less than a year old.

• Gault said soon seniors would likely be able to receive an associate’s degree along with their diploma if they are willing to do the extra work. “It’s deeply in the works,” he said.

• Gault thanked seniors Kara Glaser and Kyle Weekly for their service as student board members.

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