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‘Enough is enough’


Just in case you have not read your mail, your water bill is going up. The reason is that their costs are increasing. What about our costs? I was impressed by the cute way that they addressed the envelope, current resident. I have paid my water and sewer bill for 30 years at this address, so I would assume that they know who lives here.

It seems funny that they can bring back some of the employees that were released, they can buy two police cruisers, and a new pot hole patch machine, and they found the money to do those items. This process all seemed to begin with the decision to hire a village administrator that had just been voted out of office in Canal Winchester. I think that is about the same time that the annual street pavement projects came to a screeching halt. I assume that they needed that money to pay for the new village administrator. The numbers of new resolutions and regulations started to increase, as well as fees because of those regulations. And while all this continued, residents of Baltimore said little or nothing; all the while our debt was increasing. The number of village employees has increased, the police department has been expanded and now has a full-time paid chief of police, and they wonder why their costs are increasing.

I also noted that the village administrator school must train all of them the same, because our new village administrator was able to suggest a new resolution/regulation in his first council meeting, another regulation, and most likely new fees. When are the village council members going to say “no.”

I assume that Mayor Kalish is happy with all this happening; especially the fact that the police levy will be an income tax and not a property tax. Apparently the seniors have their message to the mayor/ council. Mayor Kalish also states that, we do not want to be passed over for development because we do not have basic services. Apparently the mayor has not viewed official U.S. census numbers for the period from 1960 thru 2010, because he would see that Baltimore population numbers have just exploded in that time period.

There is an attempt to change the administration in Washington because of expanding government, excessive spending and regulation, but in Baltimore, we have just sat back and let it happen. The Mayor and most of the council have been in office since this all started, and have done nothing to stop the bleeding. In fact, council has likely recorded more “yes” votes than anytime in the history of Baltimore. I think there is hope on the horizon when a council member runs unopposed and receives about 60% of the votes and an unopposed mayor receives 75% of the votes. Maybe citizens might be very close to telling them, enough is enough.

Charles Lamb

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