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Editor’s note to Buckeye Lake’s Jess Sayin or is it Jess Sayne

Dear Jess Sayin or Jess Sayne:

I fell for your first Letter to the Editor – the one supporting a full-time water supervisor with a $45,000 a year salary. We strongly believe that both sides of an issue have a place in The Beacon and I paid little attention to your name. A friend later pointed out my mistake.

Your first letter was responding to the previous week’s letter from the real Peggy Wells questioning the salary for the water supervisor.

Your second letter came right after another Wells’ letter about whether Buckeye Lake Council member Arletta Ruton can be a council member and village employee at the same time.

Actually you raise a couple of good points in both letters, but your refusal to use your real name and stand behind your statements makes your comments worthless.

The Beacon has never hesitated to publish letters criticizing our stories, editorials and/or letters supporting our opinions. We do not hide behind fake or funny names and we hold ALL letter writers to the same standard.

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