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Editorial was ‘unfair, biased, sarcastic and extremely one-sided’


Once again I am writing in response to Mr. Prince and his “opinions” about global warming, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454), and Congressman Zack Space. Apparently, in my outrage over his original column in the July 4th issue, I did not make my views clear (printed July 11th) so I will try to be more specific here.

I guess in my rush to write my letter I misread the line about temperature rise and thought he stated CO2 levels have not risen since 2001. My mistake, but if you look at the trends in temperature and CO2 levels you will find global temperatures have risen along with CO2 levels, and more dramatically in the last 30 years. Though Mr. Prince may be correct that temperatures have not increase since 2001 even though CO2 levels have, the trends are what researchers look at. There have been small declines in some years, but the overall picture is that temperatures are rising with the rise of CO2 according to the US Global Change Research Program. What I find objectionable and why I think Mr. Prince printed false and/or misleading statements is because I feel he hand picked information to make his argument, but left out other vital information. The trend in global temperature is rising along with the rising CO2 levels. You can not just look at the last couple of years and decide global warming does not exist. There are many websites with graphs that show this trend. Before you take the word of Mr. Prince it is my hope that readers will do their research. There are opposing arguments here and it’s worth the time to look into both. I have, and I think global warming is a threat.

My point about quoting the first three paragraphs from the Pew Charitable Trusts Report on clean energy economy is because, once again, I feel Mr. Prince hand picked the items he thought would make his argument. The report clearly states that “despite a lack of sustained policy attention and investment, the emerging clean energy economy has grown considerably – extending to all 50 states, engaging a wide variety of workers and generating new industries.” When you are stating “don’t expect new green jobs to bail us out”, and using this report to make your case, it gives the impression the report backs up your argument, when clearly it does not. In my mind your statement is misleading. You have stated numbers from the report and these numbers are before our country has a “sustained policy attention and investment.” I don’t think the low numbers you quoted are a true reflection of the green jobs that may be created with US investment and a policy in place. I think your statement was misleading for that reason.

To explain what I mean by “junk statements”, we can start with the heading of your column, “Space votes to kill Ohio’s economy.” I consider that statement junk along with your sarcastic comment about the Federal Trade Commission, “supporting the glitter and glamour of Beverly Hills…,” etc. All these kind of statements are junk and far from professional. If you have a problem with the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and the way your congressman voted, there is a far better and professional way to express it. Your junk statements and lack of professionalism continued in your response to my first letter, as did, to use your terminology, “scaremongering.” It’s that kind of “scaremongering” that has kept our country from developing a sound clean energy policy and kept us dependent on foreign oil for so many years.

I want to be upfront here. I am a Democrat and very active in my county party. I voted for Zack Space in 2006 and 2008 and have also campaigned for him. That being said, you can accuse me of writing this letter for political reasons if you’d like, though I think that would be a little like the pot calling the kettle black. I wrote because I think the column you wrote was unfair, biased, sarcastic, and extremely one sided. I think it’s shamefully for any publication, regardless of size, for the editor to write such an unprofessional, one sided column. There are two sides to these issues, but my guess is we’ll never see the other side printed in the Beacon.

Vickie Fogarty Bowling Green Township

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