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Editorial: Our thoughts on Election 2018

We’re all sick of the election ads! Thankfully it will soon be over. Here’s some thoughts you might want to consider before voting.

Nothing improves our lives more than a growing economy with increasing wages, declining unemployment and higher productivity. A good job means we can take care of ourselves without relying on government and fickle politicians to get by. Thanks to the recent tax cuts, corporations (a more accurate term would be private employers) are no longer paying one of the highest rates in the world.

That tax cut has spurred growth, creating more jobs and reducing employment. In turn, falling unemployment is now pushing up wages and competition for workers. Need a job; just take a look around and you’ll find one. Don’t like your job; it’s likely you’ll be able to find a better one now.

Yes, profits are also up which will fund more growth – expansions and research & development etc. Net corporate tax revenues are also expected to increase even though the percentage tax rate is lower. The increase in taxable profits offsets the reduction in rate.

The word “corporations” is being used with contempt in many political ads. Corporations are not evil empires. They employ many millions of us, pay many billions of taxes and fees that fund government services and provide the products and services that give us the highest living standard in the world. So be very leery of politicians that deride private employers and those responsible for our standard of living. A good job is freedom from having to rely on government programs and their constantly changing rules and eligibility standards. Some politicians want you to be dependent on government. Dependency means votes for them.

Issue 1 would be a disaster! Drug addiction is a huge problem. But removing the threat of jail for drug use and reducing the threat for drug possession will make it worse. First, the reductions in penalties will reduce the objections to peer pressure to try drugs – “You don’t have to worry about going to jail. It’s no big deal.”

Second, getting someone off drugs just isn’t just about getting them in treatment. It takes tremendous commitment and willpower to stay off drugs. The threat of going to jail or back to jail helps build that commitment and willpower. It’s also a critical component of the success of drug courts. Incarceration also gives some families with an addict a sense of relief and some hope. Relief that their loved one isn’t lost on the street using drugs and hope that being drug-free in jail will help them believe they can stay drug-free when released.

While our drug laws aren’t perfect and could benefit from some new approaches, making changes to the Ohio Constitution is the absolute wrong way to do it. For example, when we likely find out that Issue 1 emboldens possession of deadly fentanyl, it will take a long and cumbersome effort to change the Constitution to fix that mistake. Vote NO on Issue 1!

Don’t forget that Newark native and resident Craig Baldwin is an excellent candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court. He has a strong link to Buckeye Lake where his family spent many summers. Craig Baldwin has been an excellent judge on the Fifth District Court of Appeals and has earned your vote for the Ohio Supreme Court.

And finally please consider our recent editorial about current State Auditor and Ohio Attorney General candidate Dave Yost. Our editorial recounted a recent meaningless prosecution in Walnut Township that demonstrates that Yost prefers seining for minnows while letting the sharks swim free. We believe Steve Dettelbach is a better choice for Ohio’s top law enforcement officer as Attorney General.

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