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Over the past six years, farm incomes have gone down 44 percent. Mother Nature added additional obstacles this year, leaving more than 1.5 million acres of fields unsown. This isn’t the first year that farmers have had to overcome harsh field conditions, and it won’t be the last. Recently, however, EPA bureaucrats increased the burden on farmers and rural America.

Throughout his campaign, President Trump delivered promises to rural farming communities throughout America. Initially, we rejoiced as Trump reversed the ban on summer sales of E15 fuel blends, boosting the market for biofuels. However, when the EPA granted more small refinery exemptions to big oil companies, we realized our struggles were far from over. Now, more than four billion gallons of demand for ethanol has been destroyed. We are already seeing plants close their doors.

Farming is already unpredictable; our government should not be adding to the challenges. We are counting on President Trump to fulfill his promise to small town farmers and recommit both himself and his administration to biofuels.

Jon Miller

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