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Dupler wins by one vote, pending recount

LANCASTER – If you don’t think your vote counts, just ask Sonny Dupler or Bill Yates.

Duper holds a one vote lead over Yates after the Fairfield County Board of Elections completed its count and certified the Nov. 3 election results Thursday afternoon.

Dupler, a two-term Walnut Township Trustee incumbent, held a two-vote lead over Yates in the unofficial results released after polls closed. The election night results didn’t include any provisional ballots, nor last minute absentee ballots postmarked on election day. Each provisional ballot must be researched – is the voter in fact registered and was this the only ballot cast in this election – to determine whether it will be counted.

Tuesday night, Dupler led Yates 567-565 for the second trustee position. Newcomer Terry Horn took the first position with 991 votes. After reviewing the provisional ballots and recounting all absentee ballots, Yates picked up seven votes for a total of 572. Dupler held his lead when he got six more votes.

The certified totals for the seven-candidate race are:

Terry Horn 996 (+5); Sonny Dupler 573 (+6); Bill Yates 572 (+7); Robert W. Slater II 553 (+3); Paul T. Whitaker 526 (+3); Walter L. Gabriel 381 (+2); and Richard H. Thompson 360 (+4).

The one-vote margin triggers an automatic recount. Since that recount is based on samples of each precinct, Yates has exercised his right to request a complete recount. That will cost him $55 for each of the township’s five precincts.

The Board of Elections have set a special meeting for 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 30 to start the automatic recount process. That meeting will also address a recount for a Reynoldsburg City Board of Education race. Another special meeting is set for Dec. 1 to begin the process for a Bloom Carroll Local School District bond issue.

The recounts should be complete in 10 days to two weeks.

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