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Dupler responds to letter


I’m responding to Mrs. Lietnaker’s Letter to the Editor last week.

There seems to be a misconception regarding monies collected for Fire/EMS. The EMS/fire monies are collected by Walnut Township. We do not have a Millersport fire district and Thurston fire district. It is Millersport/Walnut Township and Thurston/Walnut Township Fire Departments.

Fact: Thurston has an extra 2.5 mills on top of the Walnut Township Levy. This 2.5 mill is only for Thurston and has nothing to do with Walnut Township.

Fact: Millersport does not have an extra levy on top of the Walnut Township Levy: therefore, Millersport relies solely on Walnut Township monies to fund EMS/fire.

Fact: The Walnut Township Trustees place the EMS/Fire levies on the ballot for voters to approve or disapprove. The renewal levy on Nov. 3rd is a 1 mill permanent levy.

Fact: Buckeye Lake is considered a resort area. Therefore, taxes are higher and more money is generated from the northern part of Walnut Township than the southern part of Walnut Township. That money should be distributed evenly for the best coverage for everyone in Walnut Township.

As for the “so called” dump: Currently there is no dump and we are not for a dump. The Walnut Township Trustees are currently in litigation to stop this from moving forward.

Farmland: All three Walnut Township Trustees own farmland and care about the land. However, many in Walnut Township believe everyone has the right to choose what to do with his/her own land.

Sonny Dupler
Walnut Township Trustee

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