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Dumped pets don’t survive


Police reports (July 19th Beacon) indicate that Kirkersville Kops issued citations for speed but only a warning for an open container and speed on the 4th of July! On July 19th, 23 stops were made! If that officer worked an 8 hour shift, that’s one stop about every 18 minutes excluding their lunch break!

I received an “explanation” from Warren Weber about my complaints (by invitation) from April, 2008 regarding Licking County Rehab Inspector (also Kirkersville GOB) Bennie (Jim) Evans inspecting county jobs done by his son-in-law and doing things for Kirkersville while on County time.

The county has changed their policy on Evans (or anyone else) inspecting their relative’s work. They will be bartering with the City of Newark’s inspectors on jobs where there is a possible conflict of interest. But some of Weber’s explanations, I believe, are a slap in the face of the taxpayers’ who have footed the bill (locally and federally) for these jobs!

For example: I complained that Evans picked up a police cruiser in Columbus late one afternoon (when he was Kirkersville Mayor) while he was on county time. Evans was actually paid two hours overtime by the county this same day. Mr. Weber’s explanation is to refer to a letter from the Commissioners’ (Bubb, Phelps and Smith) in 2006 which states that employees are “entitled to comp time per the personnel manual which outlines these policies and procedures as authorized. We can only trust that our employees do their jobs in the most appropriate and ethical manner possible.” NOTE (from Weber): “Jim Evans is the only Licking County Rehab Inspector. The performance of his job requires that he cover the entire county. Performing his job and to insure we provide quality service also requires that he meet the needs of our clients when it is convenient for them not him. Jim interacts with clients and contractor’s prior to 8:00 a.m and after 4:30 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and while on vacation and sick leave. He also uses his personnel cell phone to keep in contact with the office, clients, and contractors as well, at no charge to the county. It is very difficult for someone who doesn’t see the day-to-day operations of this office to understand all the inter workings. Because, although our time sheets reflect an eight hour day, more then likely that is not the case at all. For example if an employee works four hours of comp time in a given week, then takes two hours of vacation in that same week the computer will automatically deduct two hours of comp time instead of vacation time.” My note: Your tax dollars at work!

And here’s a special note to anyone dumping animals: I get call after call, day after day, from someone who has found an animal that has been dumped. I generally try not to tell the world about the many heartbreaks that are the result of someone’s irresponsibility. But the sad truth is….If you think that your domesticated house cat(s) can survive by being dumped along the road; at a farm; or in a beautiful field where you think they have plenty of food to survive you are SORELY mistaken! Domesticated cats are just that, DOMESTICATED! They depend on people to feed to survive. They are not going to catch enough mice to survive. They are going to STARVE TO DEATH or become Coyote bait, etc.!!

Recently dumped on Palmer Road was a mother cat whose stomach was nearly dragging the ground because of a hernia. She is dead! A four week old kitten starved ALMOST TO DEATH probably because his mom could not feed him because SHE wasn’t being fed!

When you dump your dogs, they aren’t going to go to the nearest house and find a forever home. Typically, IF they aren’t killed on the road, they are going to pace the road and try to get someone to stop and pick them up. When someone stops, they run and hide because they are terrified. This generally goes on for days until they are so emaciated they can hardly walk. Most of the time the pound is called and you know the rest of that story, don’t you?!

Although I do not like for the government to have to mandate anything, it is steadily becoming necessary that spays and neuters (especially for cats) is going to have to have government intervention …and you can blame that on the irresponsible pet owners; irresponsible pet shops; and irresponsible landlords who trap cats and dump them on someone else (which is ILLEGAL)!

If you have behavior issues with your animal, call me at 740- 964-9651 and ask for a training DVD. Maybe it will save your animal from becoming road kill!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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