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Duck hunter cited for hitting house

BUCKEYE LAKE- Maple Bay resident Joe Miller said duck hunting season is like “World War III” for some lake front residents.

“Duck hunting’s been a problem,” he said. On Oct. 25, a duck hunter, who illegally shot too close to homes, shattered a window and damaged his home’s siding.

“You get used to it, but this time they were standing in the water,” Miller said. He said he heard a shot, and then his window cracked. “I was sitting about eight feet behind it,” Miller said.

Miller said he has about 20 feet of glass on the back of his house, and the duck hunter caused extensive damage to the outer panes. He said a sheriff’s deputy saw the hunter take a horizontal shot and the hunter was detained.

“There will be a court case,” Miller said. “You can’t shoot within 400 feet of a house, and that was way under 400 feet. It’s getting a little wild out there.”

“It’s not really dangerous to live in the area,” said Licking County wildlife officer Patrick Muldovan. “People were violating the law, and that’s what caused it to be dangerous.”

Muldovan said this was the worst incident he’s seen of a hunter accidentally damaging property. He said duck hunting is safe for everyone when hunters respect the law and stay at least 400 feet from any home.

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