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Driver deserves apology


No one should ever apologize for something some one else did or did not do. Likewise no police officer should ever apologize for doing the job they are getting paid to do, provided they are right and enforcing the Ohio Revised Code as it is written.

Municipal ordinances are derived from the ORC and can not legally be more restrictive than the ORC. The speed limit on Loop Road may be clearly posted at 15 mph but that in it’s self does not make it legal. Any deviations of speed restrictions that don’t match the ORC must go through a special journalization process with the State of Ohio.

There is no reason people and vehicles can’t coexist on this road. Here is the smart ass in my nature. Children do not live on this road; they live next to this road. If they like to ride their bikes and take walks they still should not have a problem as long as they walk on the left facing oncoming traffic and ride bikes on the right with the direction of traffic and everyone obeys the rules of the road.

If you know anything about human nature, you know some people like to walk and ride bikes wherever they want without paying any attention to the rules. Then they want the local police to enforce illegal rules to protect themselves when they break the rules.

I question how many people who don’t live on that road are driving on it at excessive speeds. There isn’t much construction going on that street and how many delivery trucks would you expect on a road like that a day – one or two, maybe.

As for having three children and two cats that she wants to keep in one piece, you teach rules and the importance of obeying them to the children and then hope for the best. Animals by law are supposed to be confinedto one’s own property.

For council member Bobbi Miller to personally apologize to the citizen, she would have to talk directly to him if she feels that strongly about it. It seems an apology is in order. That street is hardly an alley. The problem seems to be ignorance of the law and proper enforcement.

Charles Starr Blacklick Eastern Road

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