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Drive-thru owner offers solution to village


I want to publicly share a July 31 let to Buckeye Lake Mayor Rick Baker.

Dear Mayor Baker,

As you are aware, I have expressed an interest in entering into a long term lease with the Village of Buckeye Lake. I am also interested in purchasing the property, though the interest is in the drive-thru parcel only; however, I am not sure if zoning laws allows for a sub-division. This would relieve the City from the financial burdens of maintaining the property and generate a positive cash flow. It is in the City’s best interest to allow businesses to grow in this community while at the same time remaining fiscally responsible.

The Drive-Thru has served the community for over 20 years— I have owned it for the past seven years—and I have employed local personnel during that time period. During these tight economic times tough decisions have to be made and we all have to make some sacrifices to make our future a little better. I have had many ideas that I wanted to implement but felt hampered by rules and regulations.

I will be submitting a proposal for a long term lease and, if there is an active interest for a sale, for the purchase of the property as described above. I request that you give my proposal due consideration and look forward to meeting all concerned members to arrive at a solution for this little problem.

Thank you.
Andrew Haddad
Lake Drive-Thru

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