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Don’t reward poor performance


At the last Buckeye Lake Village Council meeting, Fire Chief Leindecker is quoted, “You can’t tell the truth when you only tell one side of the story.” I don’t understand – it’s either the truth or it’s a lie.

Here’s my side of the story. I have a history of heart problems and in Sept. 2011, I was in distress. My husband called 9-1-1, reporting a suspected heart attack. The Buckeye Lake squad with two people arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, they couldn’t transport me since neither were EMT’s. I had to wait for Millersport to take me to the hospital. It was confirmed that I had a mild heart attack (my third). Had it been severe, I may not be writing this letter.

What goes through the mind of a person on a squad run when they know they can’t transport? How proud can you be when precious time is lost which could cost someone their life? Right now our fire department is more of a hindrance than help. There is no quality.

Chief Leindecker is also misinformed when he says the EMS controversy could cause voters to reject the levy renewal next month and cause us to lose our improved ISO insurance rating. We would have to lose our public water to affect our rating. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and its ratings help insurance companies set rates for fire insurance. The best rating is 1/1 and the worst is 9/9. In 1989, our rating was 7/9 (I’m not new to fire department issues). The first number reflects the quality of fire services and the second considers other issues like public water. In 1991 or 1992, our rating declined to 9/9 after the village took over our private fire department. It is now my understanding, thanks to our new water system, that we are rated 9/7 or possibly 9/6. I haven’t heard back from my insurance. Some residents’ insurance bills have dropped; mine has not.

I commend Mayor Rick Baker on his choice of the committee members – impressive. The challenge is to come up with a solution in a month. If not, all is not lost as the levy can be put back on the ballot twice next year. As it stands now, I can NOT in good conscience vote yes to fund poor performance.

Judie Cook
Buckeye Lake

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