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Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Cranberry Bog


Anyone with free time this Saturday should take advantage of an opportunity to visit Cranberry Bog. June 23 is the annual bog tour sponsored by ODNR.

It only took me 34 years living here before I first visited this natural wonder in Buckeye Lake. This now floating peat bog, with plants from Canada, was deposited here when the last glacier retreated from Ohio about 10,000 years ago. The bog floated to the surface about 175 years ago when a 4.5 mile long dam was constructed to create a water reservoir for the Ohio-Erie Canal.

The bog was about 50 acres in size in 1904 and today it is down to about 10 acres. In maybe another generation, it might be completely gone. What is special about the bog is the plants growing in that high acid peat environment. Right now, the orchids and rose begonias are blooming. The tiny sundew seems to be healthy and multiplying well in its small area. The pitcher plants are everywhere as well as the cranberries that cover much of the open area of the bog. Other invasive plants are also growing and are beginning to compete with the delicate plants that are generally found in the cooler climate of Canada.

Come to the North Shore boat ramp in the Village of Buckeye Lake on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for a boat ride to and from the bog (for a small fee). Saturday is a great opportunity to see and learn more about our special bog.

Tom Tweedle Millersport

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