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Don’t mess with BLASST


The BLASST has been a Buckeye Lake Independence Day tradition for the residents and their friends for many years. What started out as a backyard fireworks display by the Wolfe family, has turned into one of the best shows in the State of Ohio. Tory Wolfe puts every ounce of energy into making this a special event for our community

And now, unfortunately, there are those who would like to profit from her success. And to make matters worse, they happen to be our elected officials!

What are Buckeye Lake Village officials thinking?

An article in last week’s Beacon stated that the Village of Buckeye Lake is giving serious consideration to inviting an amusement company to set-up their equipment along Rt. 79 to expand the BLASST.

For the past 10 years, I have personally witnessed the planning and coordination necessary to handle the large influx of people to our community and have observed the huge undertaking that is required to keep everyone safe.

Just coordinating the law enforcement for this event is a major undertaking. ODNR brings officers in from all over the State to assure our safety on the water that evening, Fairfield

County Sheriff Deputies, Millersport and Buckeye Lake Police Officers are also heavily involved in managing the roadway traffic around the lake. Special routes are established and units stationed on Rt. 204, Millersport Road, Rt. 79 and anywhere else that needs the support of law enforcement personnel.

One of the main reasons the BLASST is held on the same night as Red, White and Boom, is to minimize the size of our crowd. To even consider making the event larger would not be in the best interest of public safety and does not demonstrate a clear understanding of the challenges involved in coordinating an event of this size. Every inch of Rt. 79 is required to handle the BLASST traffic and to suggest closing two of these primary arteries, suggests a total unawareness of the traffic that is generated as a result of the BLASST.

If the Village of Buckeye Lake would like to have a festival, more power to them. I would be the first to support their efforts. But, please, reconsider your thoughts of building on the success of the BLASST. There is no need to turn this wonderful non-profit, community supported event into a for-profit fund-raiser for the Village or any other individual interests.

Merv Bartholow
Harbor Hills

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