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Don’t ‘hold your breath’ on police department complaints


Just a quick note to Chris Fowler about the complaint he filed about Buckeye Lake Police with Mayor Frank Foster. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.

Almost three years ago (May 5, 2004 to be exact), I filed a written complaint with the mayor about the conduct of Police Captain Jimmy Hanzey. He had initiated a criminal assault charge against me, supposedly on behalf of a non-resident working at a Buckeye Lake business. Since I was still on council then, the mayor asked the sheriff’s officeto handle it.

A deputy, accompanied by Captain Hanzey, then questioned the complainant and witnesses. At the business, Captain Hanzey made disparaging remarks about me in front of the deputy and witnesses. The deputy later said the charge was unfounded and termed it a complete waste of time and resources.

My complaint to the mayor first asked why Captain Hanzey was with the deputy if the mayor wanted an impartial investigation. Second, I complained that Captain Hanzey’s remarks were unprofessional and were an attempt to prejudice the deputy against me.

I was promised a full investigation and asked about the mayor about it several times. That was more than 1,000 days ago and I haven’t heard ANYTHING from our mayor. Unfortunately, incompetent and immature behavior continues to be tolerated which leads to more misconduct. Thanks to Mayor Foster, there is NO accountability for the Buckeye Lake Police Department.

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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