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‘Dog warden’ returns to battle ‘watchdog’


Before I thank my supporters, I would like to restate a fact that the watch dog missed in my previous letter. I am the fiscal officer’s husband. Anyway, I would like to thank all the people that have called and emailed offering their support in bringing out the truth behind the ‘partners in crime,’ the watchdog and his trustee puppet.

First I’d like to respond to Jeff Chorpenning’s letter. Wow, he needs to up his medication! He must have a guilty conscious for the way he voted. I was only stating a fact that he doesn’t vote on anything, but he did vote on one thing – the 5 acre minimum lot size.

I have never once denied voting for the 5 acre minimum lot size. Everyone that knows me knows that I voted for the 5 acre lot size. But as we all know, the zoning commission does not make the final decision. That is up to the board of trustees. But Chorpenning’s letter is a perfect example of how it is everyone else’s fault but his own. He has an excuse for everything and it always blames someone else. Once again, neither one of the PIC can answer a simple question.

The watchdog seems to have a comprehension problem. It has been stated many times that Chorpenning was never pressured into signing the Medicare reimbursement checks. It was the zoning inspector’s checks that the board tried to get him to sign. The watch dog must not watch his video tapes. Just in case the watch dog needs to review his tapes, this was at the June meeting.

The watchdog has had questions on several occasions about health insurance. He complains that GOB’s won’t answer his questions. But the funny part to this is, his very own PIC won’t answer these questions either. He is one third of the board, which we have heard on many occasions. What’s funny is the first thing Chorpenning did when he took office was sign up for the same insurance. Pretty nice perk for someone that owns his own business and didn’t have health insurance for himself and his family. Now he gets health insurance from the township when he doesn’t even do anything.

I have seen the other two trustees out working several times and have NEVER seen the ‘hardest working 24/7 trustee’ out working. Oh wait there is one staged picture of him cleaning up a mess on the road. He probably made the mess so he could have someone take a picture of him cleaning it up. I have requested a copy of the log that he says he keeps of all the work he does for the township. This would be a public record; he has not provided that to me. And it took a 10,000 word letter from him to basically say it never existed.

The watch dog says his PIC has saved the township $281.00 by not signing the Medicare reimbursement checks. So does this erase the fact that he did sign the checks for 2 1.2 years? These guys have a strange way of making themselves right. Should we bow down and worship him because he saved the township $281.00? For 27 years of service, this is the worst thing that they can come up with when Chorpenning has spent the same amount in useless training in a short two year period. He also wanted the tax payers to pay for back hoe operation training and CPR certification. But luckily the other two trustees wouldn’t approve the training and the CPR certification.

In closing, out of the 10-15 people that show up to the monthly trustee meetings, the majority do not agree with the antics of the partners in crime. But every month we have the privilege of listening to how they are right and everyone else is wrong. Where are ‘their’ supporters?

Shannon Duval, Dog Warden Bowling Green Township

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