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Dog warden hires out-of-county employees


Licking County dog warden John Silva has hired another person at the pound. The new hire is Reagan Tetreault. She was hired in an “Intermittent” position (a position that I believe was created by Silva as a parking spot for some of the members of his private club of Good Ol’ Boys)!

Tetreault was formerly the Holmes County Dog Warden. In her personnel file in Holmes County, there were two letters of recommendation (2008): one from former Licking County Dog Warden Jon Luzio and the second was from current Licking County Dog Warden John Silva. Luzio and Silva apparently met Tetreault when they were all at the State House opposing the Puppy Mill Bill in 2008!

Tetreault was also the Stark County Dog Warden. Controversy was sparked in Stark County when an employee under Tetreault’s watch hosed down an injured dog that later had to be euthanized (a surveillance video was posted on YouTube). A couple of months later, there was more controversy when a family’s dog was killed a day after coming to the pound because of a paperwork error (the dog was moved to another cage but it’s records were not).

Tetreault’s start date in Licking County was October 2, but on October 1 the Licking County Commissioners adopted resolution #74-11 “allowing expenses” for Reagan Tetreault to “attend seminar/training/ conference as requested by John Silva, dog warden.” This ‘conference’ is defined as “dog warden truck transport drop off” in Elizabethville, Pennsylvania on October 3rd at an estimated cost of $140! How many new hires would be permitted to take a county vehicle out of state just ONE day after they are hired?!

A list from Licking County’s HR department on October 4 shows that Animal Control has six employees. I believe at least FOUR of those six are from other counties and those four were all hired by Silva!

More next week…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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