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‘Dog warden’ chases ‘watchdog’ and trustee


The only thing I will say about the Bowling Green Watchdog’s recent letter is, as a person ages, the first thing that goes is their memory. Everything is on tape so I’m not going to argue about it. Once again since my first letter was printed in the Beacon, the PICs (partners in crime) have tried their hardest to silence me.

The watchdog states it isn’t as quiet in the township because there are more people involved with more opinions. But they are trying to quiet my opinion. Now are they open to new opinions or not? The letters that have been written by the PIC shows exactly how the township meetings go. They will attack anyone whose opinion is different than their own. The watchdog will defend his PIC at all costs.

Since the fiscal officer is my wife, I’d also like to share a couple of run-ins she has had with the watchdog and his beloved Chorpennning. She has had to deal with Chorpenning on the phone a couple of times and if the conversation isn’t going his way he will just hang up on her. Is that a professional way to handle a phone call?

Chorpenning thinks that the lines of communication should be better and this is how he responds. Chorpenning is also whining because she isn’t accepting his emails anymore. Can you imagine the emails she has received from this man and the watchdog? They are usually very long and filled with rudeness, disrespectfulness, and derogatory comments. Trust me, I can back all this up, both sides of the conversation and the people can see exactly what it is. Just ask for a public records request from the fiscal officer. It is all public record.

Several months ago, there appeared magically on the board of trustees table, a name plate for each of the trustees. We all recognize these to be the handiwork of Chorpenning. I would like to know why the fiscal officer would not be given a name plate. Is this because she is a woman? The zoning inspector, who is also a woman, is also ridiculed at these meetings. Can we see a theme here?

I have another example of how the PIC are only fair with ‘their followers’. The watch dog has dubbed my father as my tag team partner and he is my tag team partner! We do everything together; too bad the watchdog doesn’t have a relationship like that. But my father recently resigned from the zoning appeals board after many years of service. When another member of the zoning commission finished a partial term, he received a certificate (printed by Chorpenning) as a thank you for his service on the board. When my tag team partner resigned, the other trustees had to request that Chorpenning print one for him. Finally, after a couple meetings went by, he had the certificate.

There have been several people volunteer for the township throughout the years. They have never tried to put a feather in their cap. But when the PIC came along, everything they did had to be announced or have a donation sticker put on it. It has become very obvious to many people in the township that this is only being done because the watchdog is trying to get elected as a trustee and Chorpenning is trying desperately to save some votes for himself.

I’m sure they will bring this up, so I’ll just let you hear it from me. Yes, I ran for trustee and lost. But before that, I volunteered in the township for many years and never felt the need to put a sticker on it. I guess when I was 17, I didn’t realize 17 years later I would run for trustee. I should have been planning ahead. Another point I’d like to make about my campaign for trustee.

My history with Chorpenning started during this campaign when I found out he was spreading lies about me and my family although he had never even met me. I have told him several times in the past, this is not the path he should be going down because he is barking up the wrong tree. I will not just lie down and take it.

I’d like to thank Charles Prince for printing these letters. Both sides are finally being heard. There will be more to come. The one thing I can agree with the watch dog is ‘we the people’ will be heard.
Shannon Duval, Dog Warden
Bowling Green Township

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