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‘Dog warden’ chases after ‘watchdog’


Just to be clear and not create the need to sniff out the writer of this letter’, I’m Shannon Duval. I’ve lived in this, until recently, quiet township for over 30 years. I am the Bowling Green Township fiscal officer’s husband.

Now let’s get down to business. There have been a lot of lies being spread by two township bullies – one is a trustee and the other thinks he is a trustee. We have the privilege of listening to him at meetings for 20 minutes or more, when everyone else gets five minutes. These two continually belittle people and don’t be surprised if they get in your face and tell you to shut up.

I’ll start off by discussing last week’s letter from the ‘watchdog.’ In reference to the issue about the control and maintenance of township roads not being on the agenda, at the June 24, 2008, meeting, his own partner in crime Trustee Jeff Chorpenning said it should be put on the agenda for the organizational meeting or the November or December meeting agenda. So, now who is to blame for it not being on the agenda?

The watchdog talks about how Trustee Chorpenning caught the alleged illegal Medicare reimbursements. I found this very humorous, because Jeff has wasted a lot of our tax dollars on all this training that is supposed to make him more educated than anyone else. He signed these checks until March 25, 2008, so in my eyes he is just as guilty. The township records have been audited for 2003/2004 and 2005/2006, and the auditor did not find anything wrong with the Medicare reimbursement. They charged the township over $6000 for both audits, so why aren’t they being held accountable for their part in this? Why isn’t someone trying to get that money back? Also, it was never an issue that Jeff did not sign the Medicare reimbursement checks; the issue was because he refused to sign the zoning inspector’s check. One trustee was absent, and Jeff refused to sign the check. All checks require two trustee’s signatures, so the zoning inspector had to wait until the trustee that was absent, returned before she could receive her paycheck. This is clearly on the tape so rewind!

Another question I have is the amount of money spent on the training of Jeff Chorpenning (I have trouble calling him Trustee Chorpenning, since he doesn’t do anything, which I think he is hinging on dereliction of duties) why does he abstain from voting on anything? One of the things he has voted on was the five acre minimum lot size in the AG district–a YES vote.

The ‘watchdog’ states that the township didn’t stop writing the Medicare reimbursement checks until the prosecutor sent an opinion on this matter. So then why is the ‘watchdog’ still using the township’s electricity after the township has received an opinion from the prosecutor that he should not be using electric or disrupting the meetings. Does he just pick and choose the opinion he wants to listen to?

The township received a lengthy letter from the “watchdog’ stating how highly educated he is on chainsaws and he was never a liability to the township when he was cutting down a tree a couple of months ago. But then he goes out again on a township road, in 60 mph winds, and injures himself severely. So he must be knowledgeable about chainsaws, but not how to use them?

The ‘watchdog’ made a comment in the past saying something like the township meetings are the theater of the absurd, then he must be the director. All of this mess didn’t start until he started attending meetings, pretending to be a trustee and delivering his half truths to the public. I’m sure the ‘watchdog’ will say this is just my opinion, but there are audio tapes of all township meetings that go back to the 90’s that would prove the meetings used to be very quiet, respectful and accomplished the business of the township

I would like to encourage all township residents to come to the meetings to see for yourself what is going on there. Our township can not handle much more of their antics. The meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm in township hall in Brownsville.

Shannon Duval Bowling Green Township

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