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Dodd’s reelection supported


Dan Dodd, our representative for the 91st District, is being attacked again by Bill Hayes, the same person who lost to him two years ago. Bill Hayes unfairly accuses Representative Dodd of raising taxes and of not supporting school funding among other unfound charges.

Here are the facts. During his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives, Dodd backed the largest property tax cut in Ohio history. Dodd has also vowed to never increase taxes and specifically mentions not raising gas taxes, which would be detrimental to our workforce and our economy. The facts are that any message claiming that Representative Dodd supports taxes is an out-and-out lie.

As an educator, I began looking at Representative Dodd’s record when a Hayes advertisement claiming Dodd’s lack of support for school funding came to my attention. Hayes’s own party leadership has controlled Ohio’s legislature for 14 straight years, and Republican leaders like Speaker Jon Husted who support Hayes’s candidacy claim that our system of school funding is constitutional and adequate.

How easy it is to dishonestly slander others when running for election. As citizens we need to weed out charges that a politician’s opponent is unethical or harmful to our society. Voters must begin to find out the actual record of the individuals suffering from these unscrupulous attempts to steal an election.

Robert Pond Harbor Hills

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