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Davis to replace Myers as Fairfield County Commissioner

LANCASTER- – Fairfield County’s opiate addiction issues, the ability to provide police protection, and what to do with the bad guys after they’re apprehended are a few of the issues Steve Davis looks forward to addressing as a Fairfield County Commissioner.

The Fairfield County Republican Central Committee chose Davis to fill former Commissioner Jon Myers’ unexpired term; Myers retired Dec. 31. Davis was chosen over former commissioner Lisa Kessler, who was also vying for the position.

Davis credited his familiarity with the central committee – he was Fairfield County Republican Party chairman – for its decision. “I have a lot more interaction with the central party decision makers,” he said.

Davis is an attorney with Crabbe, Brown, and James LLP’s Lancaster office, who served as a Lancaster City Council member 1995 to 2001 and as council president 2002 to 2004. He served as Fairfield County Republican Executive Committee chairman since 2004.

Davis said he entered both the Lancaster City Council and the Republican Executive Committee when there was serious friction between members and when he left both organizations they were “running like tops.” That’s not to say there’s necessarily friction at the commissioner level, but he’s certain he’s ready to join the board and help it be successful.

“Steve Davis will bring a new perspective to the commissioner’s office,” said Commissioner Judy Shupe. “A new set of eyes and ears can only be helpful as we continue balancing the county’s budget with revenues decreasing.” She sees budgetary issues as the most pressing for the commissioners. Shupe said the county is already at “bare bones” in most departments and the commissioners may be forced to look at prioritizing services if revenues continue to be cut at the state level. She expects local government funds to be reduced, adding that sales tax has helped carry Fairfield County through declining income from interest, conveyance fees, and local government funds.

“Although we have our 2011 budget in place, we must look at capital improvements and needed repairs and make some tough decisions,” Shupe said. “Also, we are now responsible to house our health department, since Lancaster pulled out, and there are major problems with the current building that they are in.”

Baltimore resident and Basil Joint Fire District Assistant Chief Kasey Farmer was elected by the central committee to replace Davis as Executive Committee Chair.

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