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Davis thanked for protecting family


I am sorry but the statement in a Letter to the Editor in last week’s Beacon is false. The brown dog that tried to attack my family was brindle; no lab is brindle like that only your bully dog group. The white one is pure pit bull, and, yes, we are some of the ones who called because when we try to walk a PUBLIC street and get charged at by a dog something needs done!!

My 50 year old mother, my 21 year old brother, my 4 year old nephew and I were trying to walk to my house. We turn the corner and here comes the brown dog full force!! We stood our ground but the dog was within inches of my mother and nephew! My nephew is now scared of dogs because of this vicious dog!

The dog then followed us back to our house GROWLING, BARKING, and DROOLING EVERYWHERE!!

We then went to my mom’s backyard to go thru the fence out back, when once again the brown dog was trying to jump the fence!!!!

We finally got to our house moments later and watched it. All the sudden it chased our neighbors in their house!

When Andy (Sgt. Andy Davis) did arrive as a cop should! He got out to assess the situation (his job) when not seconds later the brown dog charged him not backing down!!!


He shot the dog just a few feet from himself!

Andy and the rest of the officers are only doing their job!! They are her to protect the community and the people within!

That’s what he did and he did a good job. Any other cop would have done the same. But because he did it everyone is out to get him??

Also facts about the VICIOUS DOG…

1. No one was at the house UNTIL THE DOG WARDEN GOT THERE!

2. The dogs could easily escape from thelittle6x4penholdingthem.

3. Just the weekend before they removed the dog house because the BROWN DOG was jumping the pen with it!

4. There are multiple people around here who have had close encounters with this vicious dog!

5.Ihavea2yearoldwhowasscared to death to walk up my driveway due to this dog!

6. These dogs were left with little food no water and a dirty pin!

As for Andy, if it weren’t for him who knows how this would have turned out. The many little kids around here should be thankful!

Brandon Lee
Buckeye Lake

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