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Dam front property owners don’t want new sidewalk



BUCKEYE LAKE – More than 100 dam-front property owners turned out last Thursday evening for a meeting organized by the Dam Regulations Committee of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation.

While a number of issues were raised about future activities on and along the new dam, Buckeye Lake 2030 Executive Director Mike Fornataro reported, “One thing made very clear was that the majority of those in attendance do not want a redundant sidewalk in addition to the walking / biking/ access road that is part of the dam-top design. Eliminating the sidewalk will not hinder public access to the dam, as the sidewalk has been touted as a “local-access” amenity; meaning it is there primarily for the use of dam front residents. Eliminating the sidewalk will also save taxpayer money.”

A letter, on Buckeye Lake 2030 letterhead, was hand delivered the next day to ODNR Senior Policy Adviser Mark Anthony. He is widely considered to be the ‘architect’ of the dam replacement project. The body of the letter appears nearby.



The letter opens with, “I am urgently contacting you to stop the construction of the 4-foot wide sidewalk, next to the homes, on top of the old dam at Buckeye Lake.”

While ODNR has not responded to the request to stop the sidewalk construction, construction appears at a standstill. Whether that is a result of the request, deteriorating weather or problems with the sidewalk paving machine is unknown. As of Wednesday afternoon, the new sidewalk was about 50 years west of the West Bank Homeowners Association pump house.



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