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Dam fence creates safety issues


I am writing about the Buckeye Lake dam project.

The State proposes to spend $150 million for the sea wall defining the North and West banks. This amounts to approximately $7,500 per lineal foot, spending $375,000 to improve the wall in front of our lot, which is 50 foot wide. The cost to engineer and build the new wall in front of our property is far greater than our property is worth.

As stated in an article in the Buckeye Lake Beacon, the architect/engineer for the proposed improvements is to receive in excess of $8 million. This amount plus proposed cost for the work, is being spent with no thought to the quality of life of taxpaying residents.

Also there is a safety issue of placing the proposed fence next to the sidewalk. Many homes have one or two dogs they walk in the area being closed off. This will force us to walk the dogs at street level.

Our section is the deepest part of the lake and it is necessary to go up two flights of steps to reach the lake level. Many of the residents are in the senior citizens category. The fence will force residents to take their dogs down the steps and walk them in all weather conditions along a semi-busy street during dark mornings and evenings for part of the year. Plus there isn’t any place to walk dogs along the street except in the roadway.

I would appreciate any help you can give to alert the public to the way the State is spending our tax dollars.

Melissa Baker
North Bank

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