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Critic responds to Watkins’ letter


As long term resident in Bowling Green Township, I read Trustee Watkins recent slam of his many critics. I am one of them. I base writing on facts. He touts being a believer in freedom of speech yet he is the Good Old Boy that called the sheriff to try to stop the legal videotaping of meetings.

He repeatedly berates citizens at public meetings and recently even called a lady stupid for having an opinion on his non-bid, non-public input, blundered township trash hauling law. Watkins forgets this is ALL on tape! He talks about a past court case where he was called to the carpet by a signed petition to remove him from office for his 100% illegal insurance scheme. His most blatant mistruth is implying that Mary Taylor, Auditor of State somehow dismissed his court case for removal from office.

As a matter of fact, let me just quote the Auditor of State exactly “For example, if a trustee elects to receive health care coverage offered by the township, they cannot then be reimbursed for additional coverage, such as Medicare premiums.” This is the public record Watkins should be showing you, ref. Bulletin 2009-003 Date Issued: February 10, 2009. The case was not for recovery but rather removal from office. He also fails to state the matter placed before Judge Marcelain was appealable. The referendum goes to removal from office on Election day so the voter can judge on November 8th.

Geary Stepp,
Bowling Green Township.

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