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Crime is down in Millersport


Crime is on the rise across the nation and in many communities near Millersport, yet crime is down in the Village of Millersport.

Voters in Millersport sent a clear message to criminals to “Get Out And Stay Out of Millersport” when they recently passed a permanent police levy. Word has spread like wildfire among the criminal element to avoid Millersport due to the capable and watchful eye of Police Chief John Shirk. Although faced with a limited financial budget to work with, Chief Shirk has done a remarkable job keeping our children, women and seniors safer than residents in thousands of towns and cities across the United States with much bigger police budgets.

The fact that a large number of trained professional police officers are willing to risk their lives and volunteer their services for free just to associate with and work for Police Chief Shirk speaks more than words can say for his widely acknowledged professional reputation among the law enforcement community. Thank you Chief Shirk for protecting the citizens of Millersport.

Charles Mesko

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