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County should turn the dog pound over to Licking County Humane Society


Last week I stated that the new Licking County Dog Warden Dave Shellhouse, told me that, “CATS ARE A LOSING PROPOSITION FOR THE COUNTY” and that he isn’t taking any more cats from anyone because they can’t use the money from the pound’s budget to spend on cats. But how can Shellhouse justify not spending money on cats that comes from the SALE of cats?!

I found that the pound took in $8,355 in 2010 from the sale of cats. That revenue has slowly decreased and at the end of October, 2015, the pound has taken in $3540 from the sale of cats so far this year. The total revenue collected since 2010 is $32,405.00.

There are now no more cats at the pound (which was built in the mid 90’s with two cat rooms that could house over 50 cats.) I believe that dog owners will get hefty fines if the pound finds your dog without tags or if they are found loose (regardless of whether or not it goes to the pound) since MONEY seems to be the main concern at the Licking County Animal Shelter (aka dog pound).

Three pound employees drive the THREE new pound vehicles to and from work on a daily basis. How can Shellhouse justify spending money on these new vehicles and the fuel to give these employees a FREE ride to work and back?!

How can he justify paying the wages of ALL of the pound employees to close the pound and attend a fundraiser for a spay/ neuter fund (that goes to the Licking County Foundation) especially since they don’t even follow up on adoptions to make sure these people are altering the animals they are adopting from the pound?!

I know of a few female dogs (adopted from the pound) that have had litters of puppies that are being sold and ‘flipped’ on selling walls on the Internet. I also am aware of unaltered male dogs adopted from the pound which create a greater chance for aggressive behavior in these dogs.

For the sake of the animals, we need to move Licking County FORWARD and let the Licking County HUMANE SOCIETY control our pound. Animals would be altered which would be less of a burden on the communities; potential adopters would be screened; and anyone mistreating an animal would not get it back which would prevent situations such as the following:

A woman no longer wanted her dog so she took it out on a back road and dumped it. The pound picked it up but when they found out who the woman was and that she had dumped the dog they made her take it back. The woman took the dog back and, allegedly, for the next couple of months the dog was tied in her basement where it ALMOST starved to death! The dog was taken from the woman and she was charged with Cruelty to Animals by the City of Newark’s Animal Control/Humane Officer. Part of her probation (via a Licking County Judge) was that she was NOT TO HAVE ANY DOMESTICATED ANIMALS IN HER HOME NOR HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CARE OF ANY DOMESTICATED ANIMAL!

Undoubtedly, making someone take an animal back that they dumped is NOT good for the animal. In addition, since this woman is not allowed BY COURT ORDER to have an animal, this is just one example of why the pound should be screening potential adopters. I encourage you to write the commissioners at (,, and or call them at 740-670-5110 and tell them you’d like to see the Licking County HUMANE Society in control of the pound.

And speaking of control, hopefully the Village of Buckeye Lake will get control of their New Rome wanna-be-speed-ticket-writing police officer Jim Bartoe, while there’s still some people that are willing to come to this town!

Thanks to John Wilson for the letter in last week’s Beacon that gives a play-by-play of his own experience of a Bartoe ticket. I hope that others follow suit and share their stories of unwarranted experiences and/or charges.

I will have mayor’s court numbers for next week’s Beacon as well as some public records to share!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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