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County commissioner candidate says police ignored threat to harm him


On July 12, 2016, I was picketing in front of the county administration building at 20 S. 2nd Street, Newark. A Veterans’ Service Commission member came up and removed my sign, throwing it in under a park bench. After I backed him away from my sign, he threatened to do bodily harm to me. This was witnessed by County Recorder Bryan Long and county video cameras.

I called 9-1-1 with no response from the sheriff’s office or Newark Police. After a short time, I went to Newark Police Department to file my complaint. I returned that afternoon to Newark Police Department, and gave my report to the person at the window. I had it initialed and a copy returned to me.

A person from The Advocate stated that no charges were made, just an incident report.

I am sending a letter off to one of the judges over Ohio Revised Code 2935.09 Person having knowledge of offense to file affidavit – official review before complaint filed.

The municipal clerk of court was unaware of this provision in the law.

How can all of this happen to a candidate who is running for County Commissioner?

My complaint was also filed with our county commissioners office with no response.

That’s my view from the Purity Mall.

James Snedden Jr.

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