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Council member wants public input on weed & grass ordinance


Democracy means “rule by the people”. I was honored to witness democracy in action on October 26, 2015, when Villagers filled the town office to soundly defeat a proposed weed and grass ordinance (during it’s third reading) that would have made, among other things, having a dandelion in your yard a zoning violation.

The message was clear that day – Villagers are concerned about the environmental impact of our Ordinances and want to be able to exercise basic property rights, without interference, unless there is a safety or health concern.

Now, Villagers have another opportunity to make their voices heard. On Monday, August 8, 2016, at 7:00 PM, there will be a Special Council Meeting to discuss revisions to the current Weed and Grass Ordinance.

Join me in the fight for environmentally friendly land use planning which will improve air quality, encourage beneficial insects, and reduce the use of pesticides.

Together we can prove that Thornville is on the leading edge of environmental issues. If you cannot attend the meeting, send me an email at and I will be your voice at the meeting.

Olivia Newbold
Thornville Village Councilwoman

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