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Council member says it is time to work together


The political process and the free press play an important part of accomplishing civic outcomes. As we saw in the recent presidential election, the candidates fought and criticized each other. But now we see that they are “reaching across the aisle” to work together to further the goals of our nation.

While debate is always valuable in the process, at some point, it’s time for the citizens of a nation or even our small community to stop politicking and start working together. Recent letters of opinion to the editor regarding the failure of the street levy and also the police levy have gone beyond helpful debate to mudslinging. There is much to be done in Buckeye Lake, but it can only be accomplished if our community takes a viewpoint beyond petty personal issues and works together in a positive manner to accomplish our objectives.
Hilde Hildebrandt, Finance Chair,
Buckeye Lake Village Council

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