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Council member retracts apology for speeding ticket


I wish to clarify my previous letter to the “citizen” who received the speeding ticket on Loop Road.

I wrote my previous letter a little too hastily. I wasn’t trying to apologize for the ticket. Further, I was not trying to undermine our police, that was not my intention. I firmly believe that our police are doing a finejob.

The speed limit was ordinanced in 1994 to 15 mph, that includes Loop Road, Community Drive and South Alley. As far as children following the rules, I cannot follow them 24 hours a day to make sure they are doing as required by law. Just as I cannot follow any one person everywhere they go to make sure they follow all posted speed limits. Loop Road was a posted 15 mph regardless of O.R.C., which I will get to. So I feel if you are speeding , expect a ticket, just as you would anywhere else. Now as for the O.R.C., it does state that the speed limit needs to be 25 mph, so as of 1-3-07, speed limits on Loop Road and Community Drive are 25mph.

Bobbi Miller Kirkersville Council Member

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