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Council is wasting their time on golf carts


This whole thing about the golf carts is a waste of council’s time. You want to go to the store or down the road? Ride a bike, walk, or get in your car.

I have been behind these golf carts on the road. The speed limit is 35 and it could barely do 25. How is that road worthy or street legal?

If these so called golf carts are allowed on Buckeye Lake roads, don’t hold us responsible when they get run over. And how in the world is that little golf cart going to survive being rear ended or hit in the side? I guess the owners have very good life insurance policies.

Council has more important problems to deal with. How about making sure the house and business are up to code. One business out here has changed its style of business. Did it get the proper permits to allow temporary visitors? Businesses and homes should have to meet proper standards. There are some businesses properties that you can’t even walk through without stepping in pot holes that could snap your ankle.

This good ole boy mentality needs to go, before Buckeye Lake becomes the new reinvented NEW ROME!!!!!!

The fire department is always getting all kinds of new equipment, yet there are major concerns over how it’s run and handled. I have watched for many years as our police department is forced to deal with worn out second hand cruisers. How about we do that to the fire department?

QUIT passing the buck and quit messing with things that don’t deserve the councils’ time.

If you tell me the needs of a few whinny golf carts owners are more important than the real needs of the village, then I suggest the council and mayor step down and for people that truly care about the Lake.

Jeff Volz
Buckeye Lake

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