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Corrected version of Myer’s endorsement


I would like to wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Linda Myer for Township Trustee.

For years the township has been governed by zoning resolutions and regulations that are ill-fitting, unevenly enforced and too costly to administer. Our zoning resolution may be well-suited to a suburban community with new subdivisions and wide lots such as Pataskala, but 19 foot setbacks for lakeside buildings that are on narrow lots make no sense. For example, I wished to place a $1,400 shed on my lot and was told by our zoning inspector (Candidate Factor) that I had to spend $250.00 for the application and $500.00 (non-refundable) for a variance which may or may not be granted.

My neighbors sought to build a garage and got the same information. They have to park their cars outside because of the inequities of the code. The zoning code should be revisited and reformed.

The present trustees have the county prosecutor available to them for free advice. Instead, they spend thousands of dollars to have private counsel at taxpayer expense.

We need new leadership, not former commissioner, Thad Cooperrider, who was beaten in last years PRIMARY election, after giving all of us along Honey Creek Road a great song and dance about the sewer project.

Linda Myer is a bright, knowledgeable, concerned, and caring citizen who has served the township as Clerk. Her education includes an earned Doctorate and her intelligence as well as her good nature will help all of us in years to come.

James C. Thompson, Attorney

Former Chairman, Honey Creek Homeowners Association

Editor’s Note: This letter
appeared last week but due to a
transcription error, it was missing

a sentence.

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