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Cookston endorses Carroll for Buckeye Lake Council


Election time rolls around again and the candidates have been posted.

Here is some input you may want to consider. I have been active in village politics for over 20 years and quite often good people and good information is not recognized or submitted so here is a little bit of both.

Clay Carroll is running for Village Council and has the potential to be one of the best council people our village has ever had. Clay has lived in our village since third grade, graduating from Lakewood High School and C-Tec. Clay has raised his five children here and is now blessed with seven grandchildren. As a resident and a family man he understands and is committed to our community.

As Chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I recognize that the village has struggled to get active volunteers to participate, so we really appreciate those who step up to the plate. Clay has done that and more. Clay began volunteering on committees and special projects many years ago. This changed dramatically three years ago when Clay volunteered and was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning & Appeals Commission. He has devoted countless hours of time and expertise to these commissions.

His 30 years in the electrical field and teaching has been very valuable. His involvement with the Village has blossomed. In addition to the PC and BZA, he began participating in a Community Action Group which has been active in efforts to pursue grant money from ODOT for the landscaping and enhancement of the village as well as drafting legislation for the creation of a Village Tree and Landscape Commission. Clay is now a member of the Village Tree and Landscape Commission.

When Clay approached me with his thoughts on running for council, one of his biggest concerns was that he would not be able to do as much for the village since his council role would require his resignation from these commissions. Imagine that, a person who is afraid that he cannot do enough for our village. Clay has been quietly and effectively serving our village with little to no fan fair. It is time now to recognize him and vote him into office. I believe that there is no doubt that he is committed to our village and will be a great asset to our council.

Good Luck Clay, you have my vote.

Karen Cookston Buckeye Lake Village Planning Commission and Board of Zoning & Appeals

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