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Convicted poacher promoted


It has not been my intention to start writing letters about Buckeye Lake. In fact, I believe I stated that I would not write about BL unless I have to! Well…….I have to! I feel residents have the right to know what really goes on in this village and it is now my intention to let them know!

I’ll start by addressing some comments at a BL public meeting where there was apparently no one from the public watching!

According to an audio recording of the meeting, I was shocked to hear two public officials (Mayor Baker and Development Director Mike Cassidy) having their own ‘school boy’ discussion while a zoning meeting was going on! Either these two juveniles forgot that their microphones were on, or just plain didn’t care….OR BOTH!!! How ever you look at it, they should be ashamed! Their discussion was primarily about what/how many women Mayor Baker has “had” and how “gayer than a three dollar bill” they think a member of the Licking County Planning Commission staff is! My opinion is that anyone who is part of this current administration should NOT be elected mayor and I’ll be voting for Brenda Hileman!

If those antics aren’t bad enough, we have a mayor, council & police department who re-hires an officer who had been ARRESTED AND JAILED for 19 counts of poaching and lost his hunting privileges for FIVE YEARS….and then they PROMOTE him to a position of authority?!

(To be continued due to 250 word limit).

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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