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Continuing levy is forever


In 2009, Liberty Union fourth graders’ reading proficiency testing I believe was 93%. About this time, Liberty Union became a pawn of the federal government’s Race to the Top and Common Core. This initiative was accompanied with government funding and restrictions. Now who would want restrictions and why?

Testing results in 2013 for third grade DROPPED to 77%. Basic math gone, cursive writing gone, and spelling a joke; as long as the word was close the child received 100%

This is not excellence; it is COMMON CORE a part of Agenda 21 ( and the dumbing down of our children.

What has this got to do with Issue 4? It is about holding school boards accountable for academic excellence and keeping the federal government out of the school systems. Our communities used to be able to pass school issues, trusting funds would be spent wisely. Sadly this is not so anymore.

Issue 4 is a continuing (forever) levy. Educate yourself before voting for Issue 4 in Baltimore. Continuing is forever!

Nancy Montell
Liberty Township

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