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Computer geek’ responds to watchdog’


Upon reading Ms. Mansfield’s”letter”, another obvious “inaccuracy” leaps to view.

Councilperson Bobbi Miller’s letter stated that the Council had voted “to sign a contract with SWL water.” She did not state that a contract had been signed.

Ms. Mansfieldalso refers to me as the “computer geek” as if that were an insult. To the contrary, I wish to thank her for the compliment! The reason that I have not built a website for the village is that the council has not directed me to do so. We have discussed developing one, but they have not yet made a decision to do one. I’m sure that Ms. Mansfield,with her degree in business and computer programming could easily build and maintain such a site. (Oh wait, that’s ME who has that degree! My error.)

I also find it interesting that Ms. Mansfieldrefers to Mr. Starr as “Chuck” rather than “Charles” as he signs his letters. Maybe he’s a member of HER “good old boys club”?

Ms. Mansfield.If you would come to the meetings, and behave in a courteous and respectful manner instead of the constant under the breath comments and outbursts that have caused you to be cited in the past, you could get your information first hand rather than relying on the old game of “telephone” for your data. Remember how things get changed in the relay of information?

Come to the meetings citizens and get the facts rather than listen to the obviously biased, out of context writings of Ms. Mansfield.

Bill Harper Reynoldsburg

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