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Community donations fund annual fireworks show


Good Day, from the BLASST volunteers. BLASST is the Buckeye Lake Area Star Spangled Tradition.

If you are new to the area, you might have the misconception or have heard through the grapevine that the Wolfe family funds the fireworks display over the lake on July 3 every year. Twelve years ago and years before his passing, John W. Wolfe did in fact pay for the majority of the display. However, today the truth is quite the contrary. John W. left a trust generating $10,000 each year out of the true total cost of $45,000 for the display. The rest of that money is generated by public donations, t-shirt sales, luminaries, golf outings and poker runs all organized and worked by volunteers for BLASST – Buckeye Lake Area Star Spangled Tradition. NO ONE gets paid for their volunteer hours. These volunteers not only donate their time but also donate money and talents to this tricounty community event.

We, “the worker bees” feel we are working for this whole community regardless if you donate or not. We welcome all input or suggestions on anything and everything we do. We are also looking for ideas on how to expand out mailing list or to generate more diverse ways of collecting funds. Our request for donation mailing list has only 563 names out of the hundreds of thousands who watch each year. So far we have avoided accepting big sponsors like “Red, White and Boom” to control the growth. We are funded only by small business and individuals in the tri-community. We haven’t tried to solicit funds by standing in the parks on the day of the display. The fact is we don’t have the time. However, even if we had the time, this is the day we try to enjoy the fruits of our labor and we believe we have earned it.

If you will, please take the time to drop us a note with your donation and let us know how you think we are doing or to get answers to any questions you might have. Our request for donation letter is going out this week. There will be an addressed, stamped return envelope included for your convenience.

Up front, the BLASST board and volunteers thank you for your patriotism and generous donation. We hope you believe your investment in our community and this (50 year plus) tradition is worthwhile. Plus your contributions are tax deductible. Please send your checks to:
13284 West Bank Rd.
Millersport Ohio 43046
Thank you!
Bud & Marty Springer – 467-3120
Victoria Wolfe – 928-4446
BLASST Co-chair Coordinators

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