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Deceptions have no place in private life and especially not in the public office.

A phone bill was mentioned for as more than $15,000 from an alleged hacking. A mayor negotiated it down to $5,800. Yet it was said the Fiscal Officer submitted an insurance claim stating that the charges were $25,000.

If it was an alleged hacking, apparently no one investigated it. If it was for $15,000 and the Fiscal Officer submitted an insurance claim for $25,000, apparently that would be insurance fraud or at least“attempted fraud”.

It was said the police chief was seen riding his ATV on the streets and sidewalks. Where is the law? Does wearing a police badge give one the right to ignore all rules and regulations of the Ohio Revised Code? If anyone should obey the law it is the law enforcment officials. Seems there could or should be room for charges of malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance. One or all three.

Where is everyone?

Charles Starr

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