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Coach Dave: Houdeshell and White have a track record


It appears from the outside that Lakewood’s schools are in turmoil and we should not be surprised.

In 2014 I was recommended by the District’s search committee to be hired as Head Football Coach. However, the night of the meeting in which I was to be hired, the homosexual lobby from Columbus unexpectedly filled the auditorium and overturned the recommendation of the Superintendent and selection committee.

Judy White, who is President of the Lakewood Board, partnered with an outside homosexual lobby group to pick the football coach. Today, Lakewood football is worse off than it was three years ago.

Now, Tara Houdeshell, who led the charge by helping organize the Homosexual Lobby to kidnap the selection process, wants to be on the School Board. Her yard signs proclaim her “proven leadership” and “putting students first.”

I can only imagine what the District would look like if voters permit Houdeshell to partner with Judy White.

Two questions we must ask ourselves is WHERE will they lead us and WHICH minority group of students will they put first? Words have meaning and Houdeshell and White do have a track record.

If Lakewood residents elect either one of these ladies to the School Board we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the District ends up in an even deeper ditch.

One need only look at the football program to see the fruits of their covert agenda masked by slogans like “leadership” and “putting students first.” It is obvious that both White and Houdeshell share the same nefarious agenda evidenced by their history of secret collusion. Mold grows best in the dark.

Dave Daubenmire

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