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Clay’s Cafe supports Lakewood levy


Lately some rumors have been spreading around the Lakewood Community that Clay’s Cafe does not support the Lakewood School Levy. I don’t know how these rumors started, but I want to set the record straight.

Mark and I have always supported the Lakewood School system. I am a 1980 graduate of Lakewood. My parents both graduated from Hebron High School. All my brothers and sisters were products of Lakewood and my three children all hold Lakewood Diplomas.

At Clay’s Cafe we have employed over 50 Lakewood students in the past 14 years. I don’t know why anyone would say that we don’t support the school. We do and always have.

As business owners, we appreciate the value of an education and are involved in continuing the skills necessary for our young people to grow and mature. We believe that the youth of today need the same education opportunities that we were given.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about our support, I would hope that they would come to us first and not presume that they know the truth about our thinking.

Thank you for helping me to set the record straight.

Glenna Jones
Clay’s Cafe Hebron

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