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Last week’s Beacon included a report on the Licking Township Trustees’ meeting where Legend Valley neighbor Larry Gerlach complained about late night music during a recent Memorial Day weekend concert. Gerlach told The Beacon this week that he failed to mention during the July 1 trustees’ meeting a comment from co-owner Steve Trickle. Gerlach said Trickle told him that Trickle will discuss late night music when his three-year contract with the All Good promoter is up after next year.

Trickle also contacted us directly. He wrote that he agrees that 3 a.m. is too late. He added that the promoter knows that the township doesn’t have a noise ordinance and Trickle believes they are pushing the boundaries. He also pointed out that the All Good concert brings a lot of income into the area.

Trickle also wrote that he is blessed with his neighbors and respects them all. He wrote, “I have tons of friends but Larry Gerlach is one of my GOOD friends. I told him when he came to me a few weeks ago that I signed a three year lease. After the third year, I promised I WILL MAKE A MUCH TIGHTER LEASE with a CURFEW. I have promoters coming out of the woodwork wanting to do shows out here…My plan is to do six or seven shows a summer and with the successful country show this past month, 2014 is looking good for COUNTRY SHOWS…Again I respect my neighbors and GUARANTEE that after this three year lease is up with All GOOD, I will make a much TIGHTER lease with the promoters.”

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