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Chorpenning responds to critic


Thanks, Beacon for allowing a few words to set facts straight after Judy Cotrill’s editorializing “Writer slams Chorpenning”. I only have space to address her most grievous claims.

FACT: I was project manager for a successful grant submission of the Dogwood Lakes/Somerset road project. I assured the deadlines were met, worked out details and obtained board agreement. Goal accomplished! The fact that I was unable to sign off on the final job was due to Trustee Vanburen undermining my position. He scheduled job construction dates behind my back. A road not specified in the grant somehow got paving done that year?

FACT: There have been grant submissions with my NO vote. When grants written outside of the meeting by non board members are presented with blatant false information and ignored by the board I will always vote NO. I did move to correct the false information however there was no second by the status quo majority. It is tax payers’ money funding most of these grants and I do not endorse fraud.

I never “sabotaged” any grants so Judy is perpetuating a lie.

FACT: I have missed ONLY two last Tuesday monthly meetings during what will soon be a total of eight years served. Only fuzzy math as Judy presents would make this equal to 25% absent. My attendance record rivals ALL others. Contrary to Judy’s sound bites, I document objective truth. You can watch any township meeting from start to finish at Integrity DOES MATTER.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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