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Chorpenning endorsed for trustee


This is the first time I’ve written to The Beacon. I am not going to sit back and say nothing when our Good Old Boys supporters bash a prominent man in our community by saying he is “disrespectful.”

Bowling Green Township Trustee Watkins has treated people so poorly for so long that some have accepted it as normal. This is wrong and we need Chorpenning to return to integrity.

When a GOB supporter bashes former Trustee Chorpenning as “disrespectful,” this is nothing but a distorted farce. If not for Chorpenning, we would have never had a park committee in the first place. As president of the park committee, Jeff has always encouraged me to hang in there and keep focusing on our positive goals. Chorpenning is one of the park’s biggest advocates and is truly THE instrumental force that got us moving in a direction that has brought more than one successful grant.

Chorpenning was the first trustee to write non-road related grants including the first grant that provided the beginning of our park beautification. The writer that called Chorpenning disrespectful obviously does not know Jeff at all. I DO know Jeff Chorpenning and this is why he has my full endorsement to be elected back into office. When our community loses a loved one, Jeff is the first to start collecting contributions to buy a commemorative brick in their name. The man that is disrespectful is the “other guy” and I do call him appropriately a “No Good Old Boy.”

Barb Wiseman

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