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Chorpenning answers critic


Thank you for the opportunity to rebut last week’s “hit and run” attack. The “this is the way we have always done it” October surprise as figured… “Chorpenning don’t do nothing.” This is not new for it has been the status quo propaganda mantra for four years. I could expound on every false and misleading statement made, but the title over the letter really sums it all up… “Watkins goes after Chorpenning”.

As Mr. Watkins blurts “prefer to conduct township business and avoid pettiness and controversy” all the while the “anonymous” anti-Chorpenning libeous letters blanket the township. Yes, thinking people do see exactly what this “don’t do nothing” is all about.

I prefer to take this opportunity to simply say “thank you” to the many supporters, volunteers and residents of Bowling Green Township. I promised a level of awareness and accountability 24/7 and it has been delivered. I am also no stranger to using a shovel or a plow. A few folks seem to dislike that I HAVE delivered all promises.

It’s interesting to be labeled as a “No Show” while I am the only current elected official in Bowling Green Township to have attended every public township business meeting held the last four years. Now that voters can see public records and truth on-line at BowlingGreenTownship. com, it’s time to set course for the next four years. Please vote on November 3rd. Have faith because integrity matters and positive prevails. Thank You.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township Trustee

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